Heating and Cooling Maintenance PlansSouthington CT, Bristol CT, Cheshire CT, Avon CT, West Hartford CT, Farmington, CT, Plantsville CT, Farmington CT

The rewards of annual maintenance begin the day of service and keep right on adding up. You’ll save money on energy bills, potential repair costs, and system service life. In other words, your heating equipment will last longer and cost far less to operate. You’ll also enjoy cleaner, healthier, fresher air, and uninterrupted comfort. And if that’s not enough, calling Ductworks HVAC Services for professional service complies with manufacturer’s requirements, protecting your warranty coverage.

As a family owned HVAC provider, Ductworks HVAC Services understands busy schedules and budget concerns. Through unmatched professionalism, we make seasonal maintenance simple, convenient, and affordable. You’ll never be left waiting for a service technician to show up. We believe in prompt response, on-time arrival, and upfront pricing. You’ll never be left with a mess to clean up. We keep an organized work area, protect all surfaces from damage, and clear away all debris from equipment. Our service team is proud to wear the Ductworks HVAC Services uniform and live up to the quality it represents in every job we take on.

Maintenance Plans
Ductworks offers two HVAC maintenance agreements that protect your Heating and Air Conditioning equipment investment, Express and Express Plus.

Express Efficiency Service Plans

ServiceFeatures and Benefits
Once a Year Heat/Cool MaintenanceHeating and AC Systems will be cleaned at the same time. Each system will be ready when you are.
Discount of 15% on Repairs and ServiceSave money on add on’s, upgrades, duct cleaning
and dryer vent services.
Discounted / No Diagnostic Fee or Overtime ChargesCall us anytime with discounted / no
additional expense for diagnosis.
All Filters and Humidifier Pads IncludedSave money and time.
Automatic Scheduling and RenewalWe contact you for scheduling and renewal; you don’t have to give it a second thought.
Priority CustomerFirst in line for service calls, 4 hour response time.
Exact Appointment TimesNo window scheduling. We value your time.

100 % Satisfaction Guarantee
We are confident that you will be completely satisfied with our professional services. If we cannot meet your requirements, you are entitled to a 100% refund on the unused portion of your agreement!

What should you expect your Ductworks HVAC Services Expert Service Technician to do during a Comfort Club visit?

  • Check system functions, safety controls, and adjust the operating sequence where appropriate.
  • Inspect electrical components and connections and repair/replace or tighten as required.
  • Ensure proper airflow and change dirty air filters.
  • Inspect pumps, lubricate, and check flow rates where appropriate.
  • Examine belts, adjust and align as required.
  • Inspect, clean and balance blowers as required.
  • Check thermostat operation and accuracy.
  • Replace air filter(s).
  • Check all safety switches and sensors.

Air Conditioning

  • Clean inside coil, condensate pans, condensate traps, and flush condensate lines to prevent
  • Clean outside coil with chemicals and straighten fins for efficient operation.
  • Check refrigerant levels.
  • Check superheat or sub cooling on condenser.
  • Check temperature drop (split) across evaporator (indoor unit).
  • Verify proper operation and accuracy of seasonal switchover.

Natural Gas / LP Gas / Oil Furnace

  • Clean the burner assembly.
  • Remove soot from fireplace or burner.
  • Inspect chimney flue and passages.
  • Clean and check operation of humidifier and change humidifier panel.
  • Check for gas/oil leaks.
  • Clean flame sensor and test.
  • Check gas/oil pressure.
  • Clean, inspect and test pilot ignitor.
  • Check temperature rise across heat exchanger.
  • Visually inspect heat exchanger for cracks.
  • Adjust air/fuel ratio of burner and perform combustion analysis. (Instrumentation used for
    combustion analysis is a means of fine-tuning a burner to achieve maximum fuel efficiency
    and “optimum firing” ).
  • Clean and flush the condensate drain on applicable units.

Heat Pump

  • Verify proper operation of reversing value to Winter/Summer mode.
  • Check and clean auxiliary heater.
  • Cycle and check backup/emergency heat.
  • Replace humidifier pad (pad may cost extra).
  • Check defrost thermostat, sensor and operation of all parts.
  • Check temperature rise across evaporator (inside unit ).
  • Return humidifier to service for Winter.

What’s your bottom line?

  • Savings: Comfort Club pays for itself through higher efficiency, less utility overpayment. Comfort Club
    customers receive a discount on all parts and services performed during the entire year.
  • Peace of Mind: Predictive maintenance will mean fewer system failures and a longer life for
    your HVAC equipment.
  • Priority Service: Should a system failure occur during the heat of the Summer or the cold of
    the Winter, customers with Comfort Club receive priority service.